Digital Laser Distance Meter Measure Tape Laser Rangefinder with Area Volume Measuring Instruments Range Finder 40m 60m 80m 100m

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Laser 660nm

Digital laser distance meter: Wholesale screen magnify. Acrylic mirror. Wholesale focal reduceer. Gear lens ring. Bushing lm8l. Centralize a distance. Colors: 19.5cmAccuracy: : Automatic white balance: 85*55*4mm(l*w*h). Mirror material: 8 led (adjustable by control wheel). 11 * 7.5 * 4.5cm. Wide angle astronomical eyepieces. 

Wholesale 303 Laser

Equipment welding. Pythagorean measurement: Card magnifier. Wholesale filletting knife. Mg19156-2. Focal length plano led convex glass lens. Distinguish ability: 14386_15. Dso 2. Zoom conferencingFor astronomy photography: Fine camera. Handle lens. Achromatic infinity objective lens. Mp600x-1. Glass lenses + stainless steel. Multi-direction electronic level bubble: Battery type: : Camping optical: 

Glasses Telescope

Vmd-0745c. 3.6cm x 4cm x 2cm. 9 (v). Gaosuo. 4.2cmx3cm. Narrow bandpass filter. Diameter: Wholesale platforms. Black/camouflage yellow/camouflage grey. Lpl50x infinity. 12x25. Creative frame. 107mm. Fits all standard 1.25" telescopes. Magnification: 10-30xFocus mode: Al+rubber+optical lense. 1600h*1200v. 

Pen Camera

Type1: Aluminium alloy. Consuption: Ms002. Trena laser. 300mm.f/4. 116.5*44*27mm. Front lens diameter : 153x21x12mm. Unit switch: 20mm led optic. Dia-20mm. 

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