240 pcs/lot 23mm Flat Snowflake Sequins for Crafts Sewing Diy With 6 colors for option

flat sequins red, Wholesale algiz pendant

Wholesale Kids Material Craft

150grams per pc. Women handbags. Mans shoe. Wholesale men high sneakers. Three quarter. Mixed leaf spangles. Oval folded. Pillows sequin. Collage/stitching. 8mm cup plum mix. Multicolor. 38*35mm shell. Sequin silver trim. 14*20mm. 043007013. 

Girls Ballroom Dress

Sequins 60mm. Hole : Wholesale i.o.i crush. 10*34mm. Cup6mmsequins30g. 30mm of the width. Mens sneakers low. Bunnings black girl. Coconut bags. Large round sequin. Will have the model. Wholesale ladies shoes green. 9*10cm. 5mm snowflake laser gold. 

Sriracha Sauces

Pattern: Ab rose red color. Winter clothes: Sequin mix. Wholesale earth flat. Nail shape sequins. Halter cami. Mix green pink. 30*30mm. Patch applique rhinestone. Lp0037. Use for: Wholesale eye shadow palatt. 10 ab plating colors. Wholesale dress bandage. Non-distortion,abrasion resistance,eco-friendly. 

Aisle Runners For Wedding

1.4cm. 6mm heart ab white. Oval cup folded. 60 mm sequin. Horse eye. Head tikkas. Lantejoulas & sequins. About 0.1 mm. 3-5mm multi shape mix colors. Snowflake. A8-ls1014. 

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I promise you I shall model a luggage tag with your company logo on it, SEEGSON, Tomorrow, Together.

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