3mm cream multicolor plum blossom flowers plat sequins for decorative nail 100 grams per lot

lure trout fishing, sequined fabrics

Dress Off Shoulder

Breathable grid sun hat. Heat resistance,non-distortion,eco-friendly. Headbands. Dragonflies. Rhinestones beads for wedding sash. 9mm flower. Dia 2mm. Push up tankini. 10mm flat red color. 14*22mm. Personalized weddingGold/silver/matte white/ab transparent 4 colors. Glitter silver color, glitter gold, etc. Sea shells for craft. Cotton lace. 12*20mm egg. Silk thread pendant making. Wholesale paillette diy. 

Patch Cloth

Wedding decorations: Sequins9797. For decorating on: 26x14 cm. 010001003. Ab black sequin. About 5mm. Women handbag sequins. Shock-proof/anti-scratch /anti-skid. Green round sequins. Laser gold, iridescent white, etc. Haven't filling. 13*14mm. Zz092. Top-handle bags. Laser violet. Wholesale beads and sequins. 

Garment Ornament

300pcs/bag. 20 mm pvc. Embroidery t   shirt. Women side bags. Abrasion resistance,eco-friendly,heat resistance,non-distortion. Eco-friendly,abrasion resistance,heat resistance,non-distortion. Fold over. Foiled pvc. 12*17mm butterfly. 12mm flat dark blue color. Sizes: Ab green color. Leaf ab black. Zuan116. Sequin chain. 22mm maple leaf. 

Accesories Garment

15 colors. Christmas handmade. 15*19mm there petal flower. Sequin diamond 3mm. New elegant baby girl party dressA7-frm32. Bead sequin. Edelweiss. Japan and korean style. Shoe,garment,nail,phone case ect...... 20mm flat transparent blue. 0.5mm. 0.025mm sequins applique. 

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I promise you I shall model a luggage tag with your company logo on it, SEEGSON, Tomorrow, Together.

This is the thing I want to hear, my loyal sl… friend. My loyal friend!