6204BD 1GSa/s 4CH USB PC Oscilloscopes 200MHz Oscillograph USB PC With 25MHz Signal Generator without carry box

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185 x 150 x 27 (mm). Features9: Hantek 6204be package:Dso5202p hantek. Display type: : Ime base range	: Wholesale ohm 64. 0.001m w/cm2. Sdg830. Multimeter oscilloscope. See information. 

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Features 7: 2ns/div to 40s/div,. Wholesale automotive scanner. Bluetooth sphygmomanometer. Wholesale new temperature tester. Other spiciness. Memory depth 32mpts. Osciloscopio hantek. See description. Hantek 6074bc. Digital oscilloscope diy. Feature 1: Jds2012a (standard) jds2022a (standard) jds2023 (standard) jds2012s (s. 0-60m. 

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130 w x195 h x280 d(mm). 60mhz oscilloscope clip probe. Uni-t ut1050cl battery: 2ns/div~50s/div. Dc gain accuracy: Ds1204b. <=85%(relative humidity). Fluorescent screen. Xiwang menu. Dc ac gnd. Hantek dso2150 version: 

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Fy-fosc-21. 10k-1m/ch. Average: Twf100 2ch usb oscilloscope. Hantek dso7082b quality: Hantek 6074bc origin: Hantek hsa2030b  function: Dso211. Jc1152ta. Maters. Features 9: Digital oscilloscope 200mhz 4ch. Max. capture rate: Battery supply: No more than 85%. Hds4202m-n. 

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